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  • What does a digital camera RAW file store?

    When I use a photo develop program like Capture One, Affinity Photo or darktable I don’t really need to care. I am presented with an image, I can tweak it and hopefully get out a good looking digital photo. But when I want to know what color an object in a photo has? What do […]

  • New year, new chapter

    I thought it’s time for a new chapter on the website again. The chapter is called “Numbers and (their) meaning” when working with digital (image) files. Here is a small introduction to the topic and here the link to the first article.

  • Update: DPX linear light encoding limits

    The page “1.2.5. DPX log encoding limits” was a bit outdated, so I updated the page with the help of Nuke 14 and the new OCIOv2 configs for ACES 1.3 that ship with it. The new LogC4 format from ARRI is included as well as two BlackMagicDesign camera encodings that are finally available via OCIOv2.

  • X-Mas present 2022

    Testing out the new WordPress Theme 2023 Today I switched to the new WordPress Theme for next year “Twenty Twenty Three”. In the upcoming days I need to check all the pages for problems and inconsistencies. I hope not too much is broken. At the same time I reorganise the menu structure. The menus were […]

  • Working on a P3 display in MacOS

    Another article is finished for the section “Exploring HDR Displays“. Imagine you work, test and judge images all the time on your nice and big iMac display only to find out that for years I saw different colours in the apps and on exported images that I put up here on WordPress. That relevation deserved […]

  • Need more options? – try Blender and AgX.

    Here is a little “How-To” use Blender with a different OCIO config called AgX.

  • holiday links (10/2022)

    I like to store and share some links that I found interesting and useful in the last months. Here they are: A new OCIO v2 config called AgX and a video explaining some of the ideas behind it. Some interesting insights in DSLR camera native file or also called RAW files. I watched this video […]

  • new article: Working colourspace implications

    I am happy to have finished another article that was long in the making. I even had to stop working on it and finished the article One scene – many images before. But somehow it made sense, because this article was still also in the middle of some thought processes. But here is now the […]

  • OCIO v2 – 1.0.0 available

    This evening I saw on that the download for OpenColorIO-Config-ACES 1.0.0 is available now. I updated the article Blender 3.4 alpha & OCIO v2 accordingly and I will start soon to do some tests in Blender and Nuke. The ACES 1.2 release candidate is the last version that will be available for the OCIOv1 […]

  • HDR-holiday cleanup

    Autumn is here and so there will be soon new Apple OS versions. In the upcoming weeks there should be coming the MacOS Ventura and the iPad 16.1 releases. Of course I will do some HDR tests once the updates are available. In the meantime I cleaned up the subdomain and the HDR-Gallery pages. […]